We don't compromise on precision.

Neither should you.

CAMPRO is synonymous with accuracy, quality and consistency. Regardless of the type of shooting you do, you are guaranteed premium-caliber bullets that are polished and inspected by hand for a seamless fire. Rely on a bullet manufacturer that gets the job done right. Every time.

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Full copper plated

0.008 inch (203 μm) layer thick copper

Reformed at the end of the process for an ultra-precise shot

No lead fumes

Allows the safe use of magnum loads

No grease needed!

Composed of 98% lead and 2% antimony

Swaging leads to a greater weight uniformity

Complete traceability system for maximum quality control

Final cleaning and polishing before delivery

Can be used with standard reloading charts for jacketed bullets

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Whether you are looking for copper plated, bulk reloading, lead-safe or sporting handgun bullets, CAMPRO offers an impressive array of bullets to take your shooting up a notch.